Wednesday, February 9, 2022

It’s time to sing together again!

“It’s time to sing together again”
This is the phrase inspiring Galway Choral Association as we plan to re-commence in-person rehearsals.

“It’s been incredibly difficult deciding when to start again”, says musical director Norman Duffy. “Our plan is to begin rehearsals on Sunday 13 February. We hope to host a light collaborative concert in May/June 2022. Our main goal is a performance of Mozart’s Requiem, with orchestra and soloists, in January 2023. We may have to adapt to public-health circumstances – but this is the type of music that we want to perform, and it is so important to look to the future positively.”

“To start with, we’re going to work on getting the choir into singing fitness”, says Norman. “This will include both individual breathing and vocal techniques, and also working to make a good choral sound. Our accompanist, Dympna O'Byrne will be a great help during this period, and as we start to work on more challenging pieces.”

“As a choir, we were incredibly lucky,” says Carol Duffy, Chairperson of Galway Choral Association. “Our last concert was a performance of Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis in early March 2020. The memory of that night and the fabulous music we were able to make together has sustained us through dark days and difficult attempts at being a virtual choir and rehearsing on-line.”

Our plans are, of course, subject to public health guidelines. We rehearse in St Patrick’s Bandhall and have been consulting with their committee about the protocols for using the hall, and using the screens and other features which have been added.

“New members are welcome during the first three weeks of our season”, says Norman Duffy. Please contact us, either through Facebook or by emailing to meet me for a vocal assessment.

Singing Haydn in March 2020

Choir status, July 2021

 The following announcement was made in July 2021, when it appeared as thought in-person rehearsals may be possible.  However the public health situation means we were not able to progress these plans, and the choir remained in recess until February 2022.

Our rehearsals were suspended in mid-March 2020, in light of the Corona-19 situation.

In mid 2021, the choir's Board of Directors met to discuss the guidelines and protocols that need to be put in place for a safe return to choir.

We are currently hoping to return to in-person rehearsals in September 2021, as our membership should have had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated by then.  We will, of course, follow all public-health guidelines and also the protocols put in place by the Band Hall. So exact details are to be advised.

As we have not been singing for quite a while, the programme initially be an easier and more familiar repertoire to ease us back, with the hope of a performance (however that may be!) in the first half of 2022.

Current members are being contacted by their Section Leaders. Previous members are also welcome - please contact either your section leader or

Prospective new members are also very welcome: Please email to be added to our contact list. The membership process will be worked out in detail during August/September.

Please watch our Facebook page  (you can see it even if you don't use Facebook yourself) for updates about our plans.

St Patrick's Bandhall - July 2021